Daniel Lock | The Guest Edit


1. Where do you live? I'd love the answer to be Tokyo, but for now it's Hackney, east London.

2. What do you do? I'm a graphic design/art director.

3. What would your perfect day consist of? 14 hours of straight up no responsibilites.

4. Are you a morning or night person? Really financially successful people seem to have getting up early as a common trait, whereas the super fucking cool people always stay out really late. So maybe I'll try to find a middleground and do a one on/one off system and get the best of both worlds.

5. Do you think you own more than 7.5 pairs of socks (answer quickly)? Easily - at least double that. But not because I love socks, just because I hate doing clothes washing and it's easier having a well stocked sock rotation operation going on.

6. Beloved old trainers/bright new kicks? Bright new kicks. I like my footwear looking slick. I’m the kinda guy who puts 4 coats of protector on them before going out for the first time and then rues the first scuff like the character Buggin Out in Do the Right Thing.

7. Coffee/Tea/Decaffeinated/Nothing? Flat white like all the rest of the hackney wankers.

8. What do you find relaxing? Im living by the canal at the moment so a run or a stroll down there at sunset chills me out. If I need to pull out the big guns for a highly strung situation then it's Debussy's Clair de lune.

9. Ale/Lager/Cider/Cocktails/Wine/Teetotal? Im really into Porters at the moment. This past weekend at Beavertown I discovered one that was a heavy 12.1% called Coffee and Cigarettes. Somehow they'd made the combo of an espresso and the end of ash tray taste pretty good. Not for the feint hearted.

10. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? MAN OF SCIENCE (I'm not really, but I saw this recently on a blue plaque in Marleybone as the job title of Thomas Young and thought it sounded fucking cool)