about us

Founded in 2014 by Helen Plummer, Lamler started life as a unisex outerwear brand with a focus on the Japanese market selling with Isetan, Hankyu and Barney's among others. All made in England the coats are celebrated for their unique printed waxes and high-quality manufacturing. Alongside the fashion brand Lamler has also been working with other luxury goods brands as design consultants as well as creating window and prop displays. From working on Christmas for the Savoy, Browns hotel, to events in Claridges, Saville Club and windows in Harrods, through to our long-term beauty of a client Boodles. Since then we have been on our biggest adventure to date and that is starting our own factory based in North Devon by the sea. We're so excited to be reopening our shop before Christmas with a small but selective range of new products, all linked by our unique patterns and prints, organic fabrics, full personalisation services both in leather goods and embroidery. It's the next exciting chapter in our story and it's going to be so great to share it with you.

Our Dream & What we care about

We care about quality, responsible sourcing, the environment and working closely with our customers. Whether you know us from buying our coats or you are completely new to Lamler, we want to continue to create garments and products you can wear and use day after day, to create contemporary print patterns that are unique and timeless. We want to leave the window wide open on the ways we produce Lamler products, by showing you not telling you. Full disclosure, full transparency. And most importantly we want to create a world of beauty for you and we really hope you enjoy it.

Helen Plummer | Founder & Creative Director