Overgrown spaces

We can't help but dream about our first ever Lamler store. These are a few images that really inspire us at the moment, there will be many more. The idea that really excites us here, is the concept that the store could be hidden or overgrown by nature in some way. Over taken, or taken back. At the base of this enchanted and rather wild setting would be a pure and beautiful building of some sorts. Clean in line and with unexpected turns and twists. The source of some of these photographs is unfortunately unknown to us, so please do inform us if you recognise where some of these images come from. The two we do know is the top image which is the architect Sverre Fehn. If you do get a chance to look at his work it is amazing, maybe that's our next journal post worked out! The other one we know the owner of, is the bottom tree that's been built over in situ, this is by Letha Wilson.
It's going to be such an interesting journey going forward, who knows when we will have our first store, but we do know the ideas we will have for it will be never ending. Living with the knowledge that you will never run out of creative ideas if you don't limit your mind, really is the most comforting feeling.