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Atlantic Trench | Mini Block In Charcoal | Medium Weight


Printed on a medium weight waxed cotton, the Mini Block pattern is a mix of grey and charcoal tones. There is a warmth in there too, which means even though it's wearable it's just a little more rich looking. It works as well with blacks and other greys as it does with the navy that we've styled it with here.

The printed wax cotton coats feature a raglan sleeve, adjustable length cuffs with button down straps, in a classic medium fit. A little bit of swing has been added to the body for extra freedom of movement and a back vent to allow you to sprint and jump if you need to! Fitted with Lamler horn buttons and a soft cotton lining the coats are built to age well. Internally the coats have 3 large pockets, one extra large that will fit an ipad and wallet and two smaller, one for your phone and one for your charger, all with built in connecting holes to hide all your tangled wires.