After so many years of working with print and colour across the luxury fashion and lifestyle sectors, we've decided to open a special wing to Lamler. Welcome to The Lamler Pattern Lab. Bringing our wide experience of creative direction and strategy we can't deny it any longer, we've missed you! Created because we love pattern, we love colour and we love story telling.


We make bespoke, tailor made artwork with a particular emphasis on hand painted techniques. We tell your story through the prints and illustrations we make exclusively for you. We work closely with the best factories in the world to ensure your artwork is correct for your technical needs. Illustration for textiles, print, interiors or even ceramics you're in safe hands. And that's the way it should feel - safe. So safe that it allows you to concentrate on being excited!


We are particularly interested in projects which are inspired by nature, art and architecture, these are subjects that Lamler aligns itself with naturally. The study of the landscape around us is of great interest, but we also love to tell a brands story celebrating both its warmth and eccentricities. We think it's as important for the customer commissioning each artwork to be aware of the personal detail as much as the consumer. They are not always the same thing, it's easy for a design to become over contextualised. As designers, our aim is to create intelligent and sensitive design, but we never forget to step outside of that process and look at what the customer really benefits from and feels.


Contact us. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience working with many other established luxury brands over the last decade and a half. We look forward to hearing from you, whether you are looking to collaborate with Lamler or indeed for something that is solely yours.

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